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5 Tips to Buying Your Dream Home

Ladies have been planning their dream homes since they were little girls playing with their Barbie houses. Vince Carter, Principal Broker of The Vince Carter Team, gives you five tips to buying your dream home in this week's episode of Coffee with Coach Carter.

Tips for Finding a Great Home in a Great Neighborhood

An important factor to consider when you are buying a home is the neighborhood. The neighborhood tells a lot about the people who live there, such as a single person, growing families, two-career couples, or retirees. Your neighborhood needs to suit your needs and fit your personality.

Scout the neighborhood!

Before buying a house, scout the neighborhood in person.

6 Home-Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

When you place your home on the market, your goal is to sell it as soon as possible. With time ticking, you want to avoid these home-staging mistakes that will turn off a buyer.

3 Ways to Match Your Dream Home to Your Budget

From the time we were little kids, we began imagining what our future “dream” homes would look like. You dream of a large kitchen open to the living room for entertaining and a roomy master bedroom with double sinks and a soaker tub. Everyone has a checklist for their dream, but how do you find all your “must-haves” in your price range?

Most likely, you will have to negotiate on some items on your list, but there are three things that you should not budge on.

A House-Buying Preparation Guide for First-Time Homeowners

You are tired of paying rent, and you have thought about purchasing a home. Where do you begin? Buying a house can seem intimidating, especially when you are young and you are not familiar with the process. The good news is buying a house is a great investment, and if you pair with The Vince Carter Team, we will arm you with all the information you need.

Coffee with Coach Carter- Meet Rebecca

In this week's episode of Coffee with Coach Carter, Vince and The Vince Carter Team's sales specialist, Rebecca Davenport chat about what home buyers are looking for in the market. Rebecca knows her clients' needs, and she seeks to find them the best homes to fit their lifestyle.

 What are today's buyers looking for?

DIY Tips for Increasing Value to Your Home


Home improvements seem daunting and expensive, however, the amount of money you spend on home improvements depends on the project. There are a lot of projects under $1,000 to spruce up your home to sell it. Many people take to "Do It Yourself" projects to add value to their house, without breaking the bank.

Inspect your home 

Coffee with Coach Carter- Real Estate in the Millennial Generation


Millennials are the up and coming home buyers. In this week's episode of Coffee with Coach Carter, Coach Carter sits down for coffee with Ashley Traylor, senior at Murray State and The Vince Carter Team's summer intern, to discuss what she wants in a future house and how sellers can appeal to her home interests.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Relocation

At one point of our lives or another, we will move to a new city for a new job, to be near family, to pursue a dream, the list goes on and on. Have you thought about all the pros and cons of relocating? It is a big move when you are moving from city to city, especially when you do not know anyone or know the area very well. Though it can also be a gratifying experience. What should you consider before relocation?

If you're relocating for a job:

1. Is this the job you really want?

6 Tips to Maximize Small Spaces

Living in a small house or small apartment can be difficult to decorate, without every corner feeling cramped. These decorating ideas will help you maximize every square inch of your home to make it feel homey and roomy.

Downsize your kitchen table

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