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6 Tips to Maximize Small Spaces

Living in a small house or small apartment can be difficult to decorate, without every corner feeling cramped. These decorating ideas will help you maximize every square inch of your home to make it feel homey and roomy.

Downsize your kitchen table

Large kitchen tables consume a lot of space in a small kitchen or dining area. Ditch the huge, rectangle table and opt for a small, round table. You can add chairs around the table when you have guests over. A round table will give you extra space to move around in your kitchen.

Mount your TV

When you mount your TV, it opens up your floor plan, because you aren't taking up unnecessary space in your living room. This is a quick and easy way to declutter furniture items and create more room to walk around.

Hang mirrors 

Mirrors reflect light, making rooms brighter and airier, giving the allusion that is bigger than what it is. Mirrors also make a great addition to an empty wall. No matter your decorating style, farmhouse, modern, contemporary, you can find mirrors to decorate the space. Plus, it is inexpensive, as well!

Customize storage 

Build customized storage. Wall-mounted shelves maximize efficiency and creates more space. You can mount a desk to the wall for more storage and organization. Create storage nooks and a couple of hooks, where you can hang objects, too. With customized, wall-mounted storage, you don't loose square footage, but you add places to hide your belongings.

Go upward 

When you live in a small space, you always want to think vertically. Go up with furnishings, because it makes the ceilings feel taller and the room bigger. This will also give you more storage space to store belongings. The kitchen is a great example. Go all the way up to the ceilings with your cabinets.

Buy functional furniture 

Think about the purpose of each piece of furniture or home item you want to buy. Does it have multiple functions and serve as double duty? For example, buy a couch that can also extend into a guest bed, or a table you could also use as a desk.

Don't let small spaces scare you off. The key is effectively and strategically using your square footage!

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