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5 Home Maintenance Tips for March



Getting ready for Spring & Summer begins with March home maintenance.  As the winter months are wrapping up, now is the perfect time to take care of a few items on your list to make sure you are ready for the fun around the corner with warmer temps!

  1. Check Outside Faucets

While you would think a water leak would be noticeable immediately, that’s not always the case.Damage is often the result of a slow leak.This means that you will most likely not notice the leak(s) straight away.Inspect your faucets to protect your property.

Learn how to inspect an outdoor faucet HERE.

  1. Clean Your Garage

After winter has come and gone, your garage will most likely have dirt, mud and sludge to clean up.In winter months, the garage becomes a great “catchall” for items.Take a day or the weekend, clean up your garage and do some organizing.Don’t forget your shed!

Here are a few ideas to consider when tackling garage organization.

  1. Check Lawn & Garden Equipment

While you are organizing your garage, take this time to check that all of your lawn and garden equipment is ready for use.

Keep your equipment in tip top shape with these tips.

  1. Check Exterior Drainage Areas

Falling leaves coupled with dirt can create a significant issue in your rain gutters and down spouts.As ice and sludge develop in the winter, this can create an obstacle for your gutters and down spouts to function properly.Water blockage is one of the leading causes of damage to a home.Checking these areas is extremely important to keep water blockages at bay.

Remember, any type of activity on your roof has the potential to pose danger to you.Consider calling in a pro if you aren’t comfortable tackling this to-do.

Check ground exterior areas for backups that could pose a risk to your foundation and other areas.

Looking for ways to have better yard drainage?Check out these tips.

  1. Prepare your Air Conditioning Unit

Warm weather is coming, so it’s the perfect time to make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to keep you cool in warmer temperatures.Regular maintenance helps with longevity and also can help with your utility bills as well.  Prep your unit by doing it yourself, or hire a company to keep your unit running.

These tips will are a great way to prep your outside for the upcoming Spring!


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