The Freight House: From farm to table

    Photo courtesy of The Freight House

    Western Kentucky is home to farmers feeding the local communities and putting food on families’ dinner tables. From farm-to-table: that’s the motto of Paducah’s restaurant, The Freight House.

    The Freight House dining traditions take you back to your grandmother’s fresh farm cooking and southern hospitality. They partner with local farmers to create all their dishes with fresh and savory ingredients. At Freight House, from partnering with farmers, cooking the meals and serving you, it is all rooted in community.

    “We believe that eating is an ethical act,” according to Freight House’s website. “It is more than just food. It’s the people you know, jobs, community, livelihoods, and very literally, blood, sweat and tears.”

    The menu is ever-changing, depending on the meats and vegetables in season. They offer dinner, drinks and desserts. Also unique to The Freight House, the dinner table is viewed as community.

    “While the menu may be categorized, every dish is meant to be shared with the table,” according to its website. “So the next time you dine with us think more in terms of what you’d like to try instead of what you’re going to get. After all, you miss 100% of the flavors you don’t try.”


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