Paducah’s gateway to history: Eight museums located in Paducah

    Hotel Metropolitan– 

    Hotel Metropolitan opened in 1908 by an African American woman, Maggie Steed. Famous African Americans, like Ella Fitzgerald, Jesse Owens, Louis Armstrong, Tina Turner, and many more stayed at the hotel. Today, Hotel Metropolitan is still open for guests to spend the night, while serving as a museum for people to admire African American history. Visit this post to read an interview from Betty Dobson, the Hotel’s director and curator.

    Lloyd Tilghman House and Civil War Museum 

    The Lloyd Tilghman House and Civil War Museum was once owned by General Lloyd Tilghman. It recounts the Civil War and Kentucky’s role as a state in the middle of the North and South.

    Paducah Railroad Museum 

    Paducah’s economic boom was largely in part to the railroad and water industries located here. The Paducah Railroad Museum exhibits equipment and memorabilia from the railroads.

    River Discovery Center– 

    The River Discovery Center is a family-friendly museum, full of educational exhibits and programs. It is an opportunity to explore the marina’s history.

    The National Quilt Museum-

    Paducah is famous for The National Quilt Museum. Visitors and quilters travel to Paducah from all over, especially during quilt week. At the museum, you can admire beautiful, hand-crafted quilts. The museum also offers a lot of educational programs for children and youth.

    Whitehaven Welcome Center

    The Whitehaven house was built in the 1860s, and it is the only historic home to be transformed into a Welcome Center. The upstairs level contains a lot of historical documents and belongings.

    William Clark Market House Museum

    Take a chronological look at Paducah’s history when you visit the William Clark Market House Museum. You will learn about the settlers of the community and Paducah’s historical milestones.

    Yeiser Arts Center – 

    Paducah is a hub for the arts, and Yeiser Arts Center is a non-profit committed to preserving the artistic development of Paducah, as well as educating about the importance of art.


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