Local moving checklist

    You have finally bought a home, and you are planning to move. Check out this moving list to help you plan ahead and organize your move.

    Plan ahead by:

    • Deciding what to move and what not to move. You can plan a garage sale to sell items you do not need and make a little extra cash.
    • Getting estimates from several moving companies and truck rental companies. You’ll want to find the best deal in town.
    • Be sure you have a dolly for moving, if you are moving yourself.
    • Arrange transfer of children’s school records, if applicable.
    • Drawing up a floor plan of where furniture should be placed to avoid confusion for you and your movers. If you already know where you want your furniture, then you’ll have less work on your plate once your belongings are moved into your new home.
    • Arranging any special movers, such as for an expensive piano or to break down an above-ground swimming pool, whatever it may be.

    There is a lot going on at the time of moving, so don’t forget to:

    • Cancel or transfer deliveries, newspaper, garbage collection, etc.
    • Coordinate the transfer of gas, electric, water, and sewer with the next occupant of your old home, as well as with the previous owner of your next home.
    • Get refunds from your present utility and phone companies, and arrange for service at your new home.
    • Make arrangement for transporting your plants and pets.
    • Purchase moving insurance. The liability for lost or damaged belongings will not equal the cost of replacement.
    • Transfer insurance policies or arrange for new policies
    • Gather all valuables, jewelry, important papers, like birth certificates, deeds, and documents. You want to take these with you personally, so they do not get lost in the move.
    • Appraise valuable items, such as antiques, art pieces, etc.
    • Ask for professional referrals, if available.
    • Change these addresses: post office, charge/bank accounts, subscriptions (four weeks in advance), professional services, relatives and friends, national and alumni organizations, church, mail-order clubs (books, tapes, catalogs), firms with which you have time payments, past/current employers in order to receive your W-2 forms, etc.


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