Flamingo Row feeds your craving, offers tropical dining experience

    Photo courtesy of Flamingo Row

    Imagine you are away on vacation sitting on the beach of a tropical Island. Well, that’s the atmosphere of Flamingo Row.

    Native to Paducah, Flamingo Row is a restaurant recognized for its Caribbean dining experience. When you enter through the doors of Flamingo Row, you are greeted with vibrant shades of greens, blues, purples, pinks, and yellows. Colorful fence posts line the walls and palm trees decorate the walls, as well. Standing palm trees and greenery shrubs are placed throughout the restaurant. Some tables are even covered with umbrellas. The unique décor, palm trees, beach umbrellas, and colorful walls create a true Caribbean getaway ambience.

    Flamingo Row is a Paducah hotspot. No restaurant compares to the creativity that lies inside, but the food and service is even more of a reason to make Flamingo Row your lunch or dinner destination. Their menu offers a variety of meals, for lunch or dinner.

    For lighter meal options, salads are a great choice because they are topped with more than just lettuce. Flamingo Row adds delicious ingredients like coconuts, fruits, vegetables, and proteins like turkey and chicken, to make every salad on their menu a tasty option. You can also pair your salad with a soup.

    “Flamwich,” Flamingo Row’s sandwiches are a popular menu choice. Every sandwich is loaded with different meats, cheese, sauces, and vegetables to make each bite flavorful.

    The plate choices do not end with salads, soups, and sandwiches, but you can also pick from chicken, seafood, pasta, steaks, and burgers. Every dish is unique and seasoned with their Caribbean and island flavors. Flamingo Row’s menu is distinct, and you can’t find food like it anywhere else.

    No matter what meal you choose, Flamingo Row serves a filling amount of food, so you never leave hungry. Flamingo Row will feed your craving and offer a friendly, tropical dining atmosphere.

    Photo courtesy of Flamingo Row


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