Five tips to buying your dream home

    Ladies have been planning their dream homes since they were little girls playing with their Barbie houses. Vince Carter, principal broker of The Vince Carter Team, gives you five tips to buying your dream home in this week’s episode of Coffee with Coach Carter.

    1. Location- Where do you want to live? How far are you willing to commute to work or church? You want to live in the middle of your activities, so think about the area of town that most of your daily activities take place.
    2.  Neighborhood- Does the neighborhood you are looking in have a good reputation? Talk to the neighbors. Do they like living there?
    3. Finishes- Does this property represent who my family is? Our homes and possessions say something about who we are and our personalities. Do the finishes in the home represent your family?
    4. Space- Closet space is so important! Where does your family hang out? Where do you spend your time? Do you need a spacious living room? Do you need an all-seasons room? Do you need a big backyard for your kids to play, or for your dogs to run around? Space is an important factor in your dream home, because it’s a long term investment. You need space to grow.
    5. Budget- You want to make sure to find a monthly payment that fits your lifestyle. No one wants to be mortgage poor. Eating peanut butter and jelly every night is not living a dream!

    If you are looking to buy your dream home, let us help you! Contact us by phone at 270-908-0020.


    **We are a local Commercial and Residential Real Estate Brokerage and team. Our mission is to give Western Kentucky buyers and sellers an exceptional real estate experience! The advantage of working with our team is having a group of professionals who are skilled and specialized to serve your needs versus an individual agent trying to be a master of all trades. Innovation, creativity, and a consultative style drive our process that will help you effectively and efficiently, whether it’s residential or commercial real estate. For more information contact us directly at 270-908-0020 or**


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