Eight reasons why you should become a homeowner

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    Are you nervous about buying a home, or wondering if it’s the best option for you? Home ownership poses many advantages to make you feel comfortable about the house buying process.

    1. Pride in owning: You are able to pick a neighborhood and have control over where you live. You’ll have a sense of pride and satisfaction when you purchase your first home. In a recent National Association of Realtors survey, 6,000 homeowners and 2,000 renters, 95 percent of owners and 72 percent of renters considered pride of ownership an important reason for buying a home.
    2. Dislike paying rent: Almost 7 in 10 homeowners admit paying rent was an important factor in their decision to buy. Renting offers you no equity, no tax benefits, and no protection against regular rent increases. Writing a rent check is watching your hard-earned money slip away. Purchasing a home is a big decision, but it allows you to save money, especially if you plan to be in the home for at least a few years. Rent is increasing year to year, but your mortgage payments are steady.
    3. Good investment: 76 percent of owners and 69 percent of renters said the investment aspect of ownership was important.
    4. Tax advantages: Property taxes and qualified home interest are eligible itemized Schedule A deductions. First time home buys are deductible for income tax purposes.
    5. Long-term appreciation: Home ownership is a long term investment. Buying a home is planting roots. It is a permanent place of residence, until/unless you decide to move again. Also, home prices have risen at a relatively steady rate.
    6. Leverage investment: People borrow a great deal to buy a home, yet they receive the full benefits of price appreciation. In the long run, investments in homes outpace inflation.
    7. Source of savings: Home ownership is the single largest source of savings for American households. Homeowners build equity and can borrow against it.
    8. Sacrifices are worth it: Almost 7 in 10 renters in the National Association of Realtors survey said they planned to buy a home in the future. More than three quarters of these people said they were willing to make some sacrifices in order to purchase a home.

    Home ownership is a big step, but these eight reasons show you that buying a house is an investment and worth your money.


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