After finding your home: Home inspections and home warranties

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    You want to make sure the home you’ve chosen is a smart choice, and one way you can do this is by having a home inspection. A home inspection allows you to purchase your home with confidence. The Vince Carter Team will help you set one up after you have chosen the home you like. We recommend the following minimum standards when choosing a home inspector:

    1. Membership in ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and Adherence to its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
    2. A written report within 24 hours of the inspection.

    Items on your inspection report will include:

    • Foundations, basements, and structures, basements floor and walls, proper drainage and ventilation, evidence of water seepage
    • Exterior siding, windows and doors, exterior walls, porches, decks, balconies, and garage
    • Roof, roof type and material, condition of gutters and downspouts
    • Interior plumbing system, hot and cold water system, the waste system and sewage disposal, water pressure and flow, and hot water equipment
    • Electrical system, type of service, number of circuits, type of protection, outlet grounding, and load balance
    • Central heating system, energy source, type of cooling equipment, capacity, and distribution
    • Interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairways, cabinets and countertops
    • Attic, structural, insulation, and ventilation information
    • Fireplace, chimney, damper, and masonry
    • Garage doors, walls, floor, and opener
    • Appliances, built-in and other home appliances, smoke detectors
    • Lot and landscaping, ground slopes away from foundation, condition of walks, steps, and driveways

    If the seller does not provide a home warranty policy, the buyer may purchase one at the time the contract is accepted or before closing. The Vince Carter Team can facilitate your purchase of a home warranty and ensure it is active the day you close on your new home.

    Why is a home warranty important?

    If you’re buying a home, your expenses only begin at closing. Most people have lots of renovations to make, furniture to buy, and more. The last thing you want to do is spend additional money for repairs due to unexpected mechanical failures within your new home. If you want to know more about a home warranty or you have questions, just ask a member of The Vince Carter Team.


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