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3 Reasons to Sell Your Home NOW

If you’re struggling with greenlighting the sale of your home, NOW is the time to take advantage of a favorable market in our area.  There are various motivators for selling your home, but there are typically 3 major reasons to finally make the change.

1. Strong home price growth in your neighborhood and a seller’s market

Financial gain can be a driving force when you first make the decision to purchase a home.  Home ownership is widely regarded as one of the safest investments you can make to build long term wealth.  Our seller’s market is an ideal path to a potential investment windfall.

2. Mortgage rates are slightly climbing

Last year, mortgage rates fell to near record lows drawing buyers to enter the search for their new home.  However, as rates begin to slightly increase, now is the time to place your home on the market to take advantage of still favorable rates.

3. It’s time for a change.

Whether you have simply outgrown your home, or you are making the bittersweet decision of starting a new chapter somewhere else, those reasons more than validate putting your home on the market.

If you’re unsure of what steps to take, or how to navigate a quick paced market such as ours, give Our Team a call today and set up a meeting to discuss appropriate home valuations, pricing strategies and more!

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